Monday, 28 November 2011


The DINOSAUR cover for ISSUE #7 was drawn by Kate A this week ( and we also have several new contributors to the Bored Illustration Students zine, so check out the 'WHO ARE WE' page later!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Issue #6, RABBITS, was drawn in the middle of an important project - children's books - at uni, but we still have some fantastic contributions this week! Thanks goes to Ella ( for the cute cover this week.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Claiming and Naming

Hey guys,
Because the doodles aren't signed, and people have been asking, I'm going to be putting the names of all the illustrators in a comment with every post. I've done the ones I can remember straight off and will confirm the others before posting! If anyone has some cool ideas for the next theme, let me know then, ok?
Also, I've found out that I can't comment on Firefox, and have to use Internet explorer instead, if any of you are having trouble adding comments as well. Just a heads up.

See you soon!

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Theme inspired by a recent documentary with Richard Attenborough, this week's Bored Illustration Student's issue cover was drawn by Liz (website n/a). Some students started using colour, which will hopefully still come out tonally in the greyscale black and white mini-zine prints, but for those checking the images out on this blog you can enjoy a bit more variation than usual! Also, a couple of new illustrators have joined in this week, so check out their websites and details on the 'Who We Are' page. Let us know what you think! Here's the images:

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Issue #4, GREMLINS, has Kate Evans ( to thank for its beautiful cover this week! This theme was particularly challenging for the exhausted bored illustration students, who spent the day squeezing all their creativity into their projects...but still were able to doodle us some Gremlins, so here they are:

Monday, 31 October 2011


Issue #3 is 'GHOSTS' in honour of Halloween! The cover for this issue was drawn by Emily ( It's surprisingly hard to doodle a good-looking's the rest of the artwork:


Issue #2 is 'OWLS'! Only when people started drawing did we realise that we don't know what owls look like, exactly...This issue's cover was a blind contour drawing by Max ( The rest of the artwork:


The first issue of BORED ILLUSTRATION STUDENTS begins with the theme 'Cats'! The cover for this issue was drawn by George ( The rest of the artwork:



This all started when one bored illustration student said to another, 'hey, let's make a little 'zine. Just for funsies.' The other responded, 'okay.'

And so the Bored Illustration Students mini-zine was born.

Once a week, the class' Head Procrastinator folds up some cheap paper into a mini-zine, and wanders around the studio, looking for bored-looking students, who are then asked to quickly doodle an image onto a single side of the mini-zine. Each week has a different theme, and only bored students can participate.

The resulting double-sided, 16-segment mini-zine is then scanned, printed, cut and folded and available for purchase by the rest of the class. To keep costs down the images are restricted to black and white and are printed on both sides of a single sheet of A4 paper.

All those taking part are second year illustration students at Falmouth University, Cornwall. For contact details and personal websites of those who have contributed so far please check out the 'WHO ARE WE' page.

This blog exists mostly to keep a record of the zines, and to promote them to a wider audience. Enjoy!